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313 Main Street, Ste 200
Williston, ND 58801

Fresh Palate is a natural, organic food store specializing in gluten free, dairy-free, and vegan. We also carry home, beauty, baby, novelty gift items, and essential oils.

About Us | Fresh Palate | Williston, ND

Fresh Palate was formed by Lacey and Taryn due to a great need for healthy food alternatives in Williston, North Dakota. 

how it all started

It was the summer of 2014 when we (Lacey and Taryn) first came up with the idea of opening our own business. Someone had mentioned that a coffee shop downtown was for sale and within minutes, we were spouting off possible store names, design concepts and signature drinks that would be a staple in our awesome, new store! We immediately contacted the owner who informed us that buyers were already in place. We were crushed, but only for a few minutes because that is when we realized that we could open anything we wanted- the possibilities were endless!

We put our heads together and bounced ideas back and forth when finally Taryn suggested a health food store- perfect! Why did we not think of this sooner? Williston had a health food store several years prior, but neither of us really knew that. We did know, however, that the health food industry was on a huge rise and by opening our own store, we could expand different avenues and grow it into something much more, something we loved and were passionate about and something the area needed.  Ideas started flooding in.

Thus, Fresh Palate was created!

A health food store is great because there are so many different things that go well with it. Taryn immediately knew she wanted essential oils. Lacey wanted an organic smoothie bar. Taryn wanted homeopathic, natural/organic/raw medicines, vitamins, minerals, etc. Lacey wanted natural/organic baby products, beauty products and cleaning supplies. Taryn wanted organic teas, coffees, health books and a small seating area.  Lacey wanted recycled, novelty gift items, Pride of Dakota products and hand-dyed yarns. It was a match made in heaven, and with the exact same design concept (an old country store) and one person being more people-minded and the other being more business-minded, we were on a roll and nothing could stop us!

We reached out to people in the community, researched products and spoke with similar businesses to develop our initial inventory list. Then, we started focusing on smaller, unique companies who had amazing stories to tell. We found that it was these companies who are so passionate about what they do and what products they put out, that they often have the best products- and you don’t normally see them in the main stream grocery stores.  Fresh Palate is ever evolving and adding on. We love hearing people’s suggestions for new products and ideas and ways we can improve our store, so please send us your feedback! We are very grateful to the loyal customers we have and can’t wait to meet many new customers soon!

Thanks for stopping by our website and hope to see you in Fresh Palate soon!

XO, Taryn and Lacey

Fresh Palate | Williston, ND


Taryn Bauer, a Minot, ND native, has been a cosmetologist since 2009. Throughout her career, she has become extremely close with many of her clients who would share intimate details about their lives including health issues, allergies and other struggles often brought on by foods. Since Taryn struggled with severe allergies herself, she could understand where they were coming from and empathize with them. Many of them had dietary restrictions and wanted to try alternative medicines. Both of which were hard to find in Williston. The need only seemed to increase as her clientele rotated through.

About Lacey

Lacey (Sundby) Dixon, a Williston, ND native, also saw an increasing need. Her mother-in-law had been diagnosed with Celiac disease years prior and had to transform every recipe she had into a gluten-free version- and she had A LOT of recipes. Shortly after that, another one of Lacey’s friends had to change her whole lifestyle due to severe health problems. Around the same time, Lacey joined MOPS (a mom’s group) and was in constant contact with mothers whose children had different food allergies and dietary restrictions. At the same time as all of this, Lacey’s two-year-old daughter, Nora, began having horrible stomach problems herself. After seeing several doctors and therapists, it was determined that Nora had a sensitivity to dairy and was immediately switched over to a dairy-free diet.



phone: (701) 770-3161

location: 313 Main Street, Williston, ND 58801
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